Equine Excellence and Learning Paramount at 2-Day Event Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island Humane Society’s 5th Annual Hawaii Horse Expo will be held Saturday, August 11 and Sunday, August 12 on Hawaii, the Big Island. In a new partnership with the Paniolo Preservation Society, the event will be co-hosted at the Society’s Paniolo Heritage Center at Pukalani Stables in Waimea. Proceeds from the annual event benefit the Humane Society’s Horse Rescue Fund, which helps abused and abandoned horses on the island.

Hawaii Horse Expo (HHE) has gained a well-deserved reputation for bringing nationally and internationally noted experts to the event. These experts share their knowledge and skills in a variety of horse-related disciplines during clinics and demonstrations that always include the opportunity for personal interaction.

2012 Hawaii Horse Expo Clinicians:

Charles Wilhelm

Charles Wilhelm’s philosophy when it comes to horses is quite simple; “It’s never, ever the horse’s fault.” Wilhelm is the creator of Ultimate Foundation Training – equine training techniques that combine the best of traditional, classical and natural horsemanship into methods for every riding discipline. His training is based on his belief that there is success through knowledge, for both the horse and the horse’s owner.

His relaxed, warm and amusing character has made him a favorite at clinics and demonstrations. His training facility in Castro Valley, California is among the top equine educational institutions in Northern California. With thirty to thirty five horses in training on a regular basis the facility offers extensive hands-on learning programs for every level of horsemanship, from novice through trainer. Hawaii Horse Expo is thrilled to welcome Charles.

Robert Miller, D.V. M.

Veterinarian, renowned equine behaviorist and lecturer, for more than fifty years California-based Dr. Miller has helped people better understand horses and the horse-human relationship. In addition to his pioneering work in equine behavior Miller is also a cartoonist and author.

Books published include Yes, We Treat Aardvarks, his re-published autobiography and collection of true stories of a rural veterinary practice. In the well illustrated bookHandling Equine Patients, he tells how to approach and handle equine patients in a manner to prevent the damage that occurs all too frequently to the patients, doctors, assistants and bystanders. In The Passion for Horses and Artistic Talent, An Unrecognized Connection, Dr. Miller explores the connection between passionate horse people and the creative artistic skills inexplicably found in those same people. He also co-authored Revolution in Horsemanship with fellow Hawaii Horse Expo clinician, Rick Lamb.

In March 2012, Dr. Miller received the Western Horseman Award honoring his contributions to the Western stock horse industry. Often working with difficult equine patients in his hands-on clinics, Miller has traveled to every continent sharing his knowledge which includes revolutionary methods on imprint training for newborn foals.

Linda Tellington-Jones

Best known for founding and developing TTouch and TTEAM work for horses, Tellington-Jones has been a professional in the horse world for decades. A noted authority on animal behavior, Tellington-Jones began exploring new perspectives of how to handle and relate to horses after receiving her certification in Feldenkrais work for humans.

Her interest in “unlocking the intelligence of our bodies and minds” melded Feldenkrais and years of equine experience into TTEAM, an alternative method of training and influencing horses that honors and respects the body, mind and spirit of the animal from which grew TTouch for all species, including humans. TTouches and specific ground exercises can affect and even eliminate negative behaviors.

She has received the American Riding Instructors Association Certificate Program Lifetime Achievement Award and their Master Instructor award. She has also been inducted into the Western States Horse Expo Hall of Fame, the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame, and was awarded an honorary doctorate from Wisdom University.

People are still abuzz after witnessing her demonstration at Hawaii Horse Expo 2011 and HHE is happy to welcome her once again.

Richard Winters

Horseman and Clinician Richard Winters has been helping people through training, clinics, horse expos and horse training DVD’s and videos for more than twenty five years. Winters, who was a 2010 HHE Expert Clinician, is a performance horse trainer with a natural horsemanship touch. From reined cow horses to jumping and dressage, his horsemanship is universal.

As 2009 Road to the Horse – Colt Starting Challenge Champion he emphasizes communication and connection to the horse. Winters is a National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) A-rated judge and the Horsemanship Instructor in Residence at California’s Thacher School.

A love for horses, knowledge developed through years of practice and study, and a willingness to continue learning, are components that make him the “Masterful Equine Communicator” that he is today. Hawaii Horse Expo 2012 proudly welcomes his return.

Brady J. Bergin, D.V.M. 

Dr. Bergin was born on Hawaii Island. After graduating from Hawaii Preparatory Academy, he attended Colorado State University where he received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. He joined the faculty at Oregon State University and taught courses in Animal Husbandry, Equine Dentistry, Equine Behavior, and Equine Health and Medicine and received the Carl Norden-Pfizer Distinguished Teacher Award. In 2008 he returned home to Hawaii where he assumed the private veterinary practice of his father, Dr. Billy Bergin, at the Aina Hou Animal Hospital. Dr. Bergin has been instrumental in efforts along with the Humane Society of the United States to humanely control the large population of wild donkeys on the island by determining the feasibility of sterilization, fertility control and a rehoming program. He will lead an Equine First Aid clinic at Expo 2012.

Rick Lamb

Popular host of RFD TV’s “The Horse Show” since 2006 Lamb returns for the fifth year as Expo moderator. Lamb’s career has spanned the gamut from music to philosophy, computer programmer to broadcaster. Since 1990, Lamb has hosted a weekly syndicated radio program, The Horse Show with Rick Lamb, which has won numerous awards. He co-authored The Revolution in Horsemanship with Dr. Robert M. Miller while also resurrecting his musical career. His other books include Horse Smarts for the Busy Rider and Human to Horseman: a Journey of Discovery, Growth, and Celebration.

He and wife Diana live in Phoenix with their two horses, Candy and Fidla, and their black cat, Angus.

Elizabeth Mason will be assisting Rick Lamb as Expo moderator. She is originally from Dallas, Texas and is now an actress living in New York City having earned a Master’s of Fine Arts from Rutgers University. She currently appears in a US Cellular commercial and has appeared in commercials for Coca-Cola, Jack in the Box, Clairol, Bounty, and Red Lobster. Growing up in Texas, Mason spent her weekends riding horses along the Red River. She is an avid horse lover and is thrilled to be part of Hawaii Horse Expo.

Other presenters at Hawaii Horse Expo 2012 include:

Janice Baxter has combined her degrees in Psychology and Social Work with her massage training to apply anatomy and physiology to yoga and riding. For her, yoga and horses are a natural integration of heightened sensitivity, inner awareness, balance, and joy.  Baxter teaches “Experience Yoga and Horses” clinics at the Home Ranch in Colorado and inspires equestrians to practice yoga and yogis to ride horses for life.

Sarah Winters, at age 22, has accumulated a list of accomplishments that could stand with equine professionals twice her age having earned two NRCHA World Championships, the 2008 Snaffle Bit Futurity Limited Open Reserve Champion and Ladies Reserve World Championship in 2009 and 2011. She is also a two-time Open Finalist for NRCHA Premier Aged Events. Daughter of renowned horseman and Hawaii Horse Expo clinician Richard Winters, she will offer horsemanship skills workshops during Expo 2012.

Lisa Wood, DVM is an Animal Science graduate of Colorado State University and holds her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Washington State University. Dr. Wood has been practicing mixed animal care with Veterinary Associates in Waimea for many years. Her special interest is in equine medicine and surgery. As a large animal veterinarian, Dr. Wood works with many of the Big Island’s ranchers including Parker Ranch where husband Keoki is a ranch manager.

Susanella Noble, a professional flutist and composer, became a hoofcare practitioner when her own horse was stricken with laminitis. Now a Certified Natural Balance Barefoot Trimmer (CNBBT) she has written articles for The Horse’s Hoof Magazine and Malama Lio. Noble will offer two presentations for Hawaii Horse Expo 2012; “Healing from the Ground Up” and “Introduction to Wellness Hoof Trimming for Owners.”

Daniel King, D.V.M., C.V.A., C.V.C.H and AVCA Certified in Animal Chiropractic, blends Animal Chiropractic and traditional Chinese acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine modalities with traditional veterinary medicine to enable him to help patients more effectively optimize health and healing. Now practicing at the Kapa’au Veterinary Center he utilizes an integrative veterinary medical approach to treat patients or to optimize performance in agility dogs or performance horses. According to Dr. King, the response is very rewarding for all – the animal, the owner, and the doctor.

 Pukalani Stables allows for three Expo programs to occur simultaneously throughout the two days in three different settings. In addition, there will be a wide array of vendors offering state-of-the-art services, medical and nutritional information and programs, saddle making, and related equine services including clothing, art and more.

Special room rates are available at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel for Expo attendees. Call 1-866-774-6236. For more HHE information and ongoing program updates visit www.HawaiiHorseExpo.com.

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The mission of the Hawaii Island Humane Society is to promote respect for all animals, prevent cruelty to animals, eliminate pet overpopulation, and enhance the bond between humans and animals. HIHS holds a contract with the County of Hawaii to enforce certain animal-related laws and it offers 24-hour service for injured animals and other animal emergencies, humane education classes, low-cost spay and neuter services, lost and found assistance, microchipping and more. Learn more at HIHS.org or call 808-329-1175.

Connie Bender
Event Coordinator
Hawaii Horse Expo 2012
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