Preserving & Perpetuating Hawaiʻi’s Proud & Living Paniolo Heritage

Aloha, Paniolo

When we lose a member of our paniolo ‘ohana, we all feel diminished for a time. Last fall, three of our Paniolo Preservation Society Hall of Famer’s...

Church Row, A Place of Many Faiths

Imiola Congregational Church - photo courtesy Historic Hawaii FoundationIt’s November, the season of thanksgiving and a time to reflect on the many...

Parker Ranch, More Than Beef

Dairy boys, working under highly sanitary conditions, proudly show their working apparel, with hands folded neatly behind the aprons. Left to right:...

A New Look for the Heritage Center

Harry Kawai, Parker Ranch Superintendent, leading a steer out to a long boatFor the last several months, Dr. Momi Naughton and her team from the Kō...

A Monument to Paniolo Pride

A long time ago, at a rodeo far, far away, three Hawaiian paniolo thrilled the fans in Cheyenne, Wyoming with spectacular wins. It was 1908, and...

“Paniolo” – The Hawaiian Cowboy

The first cattle were gifted to Hawaiʻi in 1793. Uncontrolled, they eventually plundered villages, gardens and farms. By invitation from King Kamehameha III, vaquero arrived as mentors of the native Hawaiians. Thus began the unique story of the Hawaiian Paniolo … 

THE PANIOLO PRESERVATION SOCIETY exists to promote the heritage of the Hawaiian cowboy. We celebrate the Hawaiian ranching industry and the accomplishments of the generations of paniolo that made that industry possible. Representing all cowboys from all of the Hawaiian islands, our goal is to increase public awareness of the historical, present-day and future significance of Hawaiʻi’s ranching industry and the honored traditions of its paniolo.


VISIT our unique paniolo history museum packed with old-time stories, photos, saddles & more. Open Monday – Friday 9am to 4pm. 


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Now Open! Our Heritage Center ONLINE Gift Shop offers the great paniolo items you’ve seen in the store. Explore our collection of logo apparel, books, kitchenware, western gifts, keiki clothes and toys, PPS custom palaka facemasks, and our new Ride for the Brand long sleeved tees.



HOST YOUR EVENT at Pukalani Stables, home to of Parker Ranch paniolo and one of the oldest and most historic ranching sites in Hawaii. Ideal for groups of up to 200 people.



Paniolo Preservation Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit funded solely by those wishing to preserve and promote the ranching heritage of Hawaiʻi.

Your generous support in any amount is appreciated and helps carry on the legacy of the paniolo!


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Aloha, Paniolo

Aloha, Paniolo

When we lose a member of our paniolo ‘ohana, we all feel diminished for a time. Last fall, three of our Paniolo Preservation Society Hall of Famer’s rode out for the last time, and although we are saddened to report the loss of three notable men, we are grateful to be...

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Upcountry Christmas in Waimea

Upcountry Christmas in Waimea

The Holiday Season is such a special time in Waimea; it’s hard to imagine that it wasn’t always that way. Christmas actually came to Hawai‘i with the early missionaries …

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