Hawaii Horse Expo

Equine Behavior is the focus at this year’s 2016 HAWAII HORSE EXPO.

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Horse Behavior is as complex as human behavior and can be just as difficult to understand.   “Why does my horse do that?”  We want to understand our horse’s behavior, just as we want to understand our friend’s behavior, in order to feel interconnected.  In exploring our horse’s behavior perhaps we can find insight into our own behavior as well.

This year’s clinicians have spent their lifetimes exploring the subject, are experts in the field, and continuously say they still have so much to learn.  This distinguished group includes Richard Winters, Dr. Robert Miller, Tammy Pate, Dr. Mark Fitch,  Dr. Susan White and Dr. Rick Lamb.  Topics include Understanding Equine Psychology, Solving Behavior Problems, Working with the Scared Horse versus the Disrespectful Horse,   and How to Deal With the Difficult Horse.

New for 2016 are a series of “hands on” clinics where attendees have the opportunity to practice what they have just learned.  These include Tammy Pate’s Yoga for the Equestrian and Dr. Susan White’s  The Basic Physical Exam Interpreted for Owners.

This broadens the opportunity for learning as the experience involves more than listening, but must be translated into action and muscle memory.

“Horsemanship is a journey.  After forty years of horsemanship I realize that I will never arrive at the destination or finish line.”   Richard Winters