Photo courtesy Maui Magazine

November is here and, for some that means the holidays are near! Thanksgiving, a time to feast, is just around the corner. People are already making lists of what they’re planning to buy during Black Friday sales. We can easily get caught up with shopping, parties, and festivities during the holidays.

However, November also marks the beginning of Makahiki, the traditional Hawaiian celebration of the harvest and time of personal rest, spiritual and cultural renewal. It is a time to honor Lono, God of fertility, agriculture and peace. Lono is celebrated with feasting, competing in sport games, hula and storytelling. Some of the games played are heihei kūkini (racing), mokomoko (boxing), hākōkō (a wrestling style similar to sumo), pūhenehene (a skilled game of deception), and kōnane (a board game most resembling chess).

Most importantly, Makahiki also signifies a time of rest and rejuvenation for both the land and the people. This period serves as an opportunity to both fortify existing bonds and forge new relationships. We can all appreciate the necessity of setting aside time to regroup as an ʻohana and strengthen connections.

So, during the holiday season, amidst all the activities, take time to reflect, celebrate the harvest of our ʻāina, rest, and enjoy the company of ʻohana and friends.