In 2018, your support allowed Paniolo Preservation Society to host a memorial remembrance for Paniolo Hall of Fame member, Freddy Rice, a talk-story event honoring 7 amazing cattlewomen of Hawaii, and now, PPS sets out to expand our exhibit space at the Paniolo Heritage Center to honor the horsewomen of Hawaii, the Pa’u Riders.

Paʻu riders are women horseback riders who wear long, colorful skirts (Hawaiian: ʻū) and characteristically ride astride, rather than sidesaddle. This equestrian tradition’s roots start in the early 19th century when horses were introduced to Hawaii and aliʻi (royal) women dressed up to ride for formal occasions. The tradition declined after the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii but was revitalized in the early 20th century with the establishment of formal riding organizations called Paʻu Riders. Today, they participate in Kamehameha Day floral parades and other parades and festivals throughout the islands representing the strong and proud tradition of horsewomanship in Hawaii.

Paniolo Preservation Society is dedicated to building a Pa’u Rider exhibit at the Paniolo Heritage Center in 2018. Construction is already underway and the exhibit will include life-size horse and rider mannequins outfitted in the finest of the tradition, along with a gallery of historic photographs illustrating the long history of the Pa’u Riders. If you wish to support this project, you can do so under the Donate options at the following link 
As always – we thank you for your support!