The Paniolo Heritage Masquerade Gala and Auction will be held Saturday, October 29th from 5pm to 10pm at Pukalani Stables. We’ll be posting more items as the auction date nears.

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Paniolo Saddle Bronze X 2

Donated by PPS and Carswell Family

In Ke Ola, Hawai‘i Island’s Community Magazine, Denise Laitinen wrote, “the paniolo, a Hawaiian cowboy, on Hawai‘i Island date back to 1833 when three vaqueros—Spanish/Mexican cowboys—arrived at Kawaihae Harbor to teach Hawaiians how to rope and herd cattle and ride mounted horses. Over the years the paniolo developed their own style of saddle making—known as the Hawaiian tree saddle.”

And because Mexican saddles were heavy and bulky, the natural instinct of the Hawaiians was to use lighter materials. Thus, they refined the seat to make it concave which was a better fit for its riders’ buttocks. The prototype originated in the early 1900’s and has changed little in the past century. Native Hawaiians came up with a model that was hard to improve upon.”

Fred Fellows, learned early on in life how to ride, rope cattle and build saddles. Given his background, it was only fitting that he sculpted a saddle series which included those used by the Paniolo. Description: Bronze (1985) | 10”h x 7”w x 7”d.

Braided Bosal

Donated by Bill Ferreira

1/2″ 16 plait rawhide bosal with kangaroo leather buttons and Latigo leather hanger.


Donated by Bill Ferreira

24 plait rawhide quirt with buttons done in elk rawhide both natural and coffee stained.

PPS Saddle

Donated by Pacific Airlift

Equitech Roping Saddle, hand tooled, that is currently being used by several of the Top 15 Headers and Healers in the PRCA. The rawhide covered tree is shaped to fit most horses and has been developed over the past 20 years with the help of some of the most famous saddle makers in the USA.

Stone bench

Donated by West Hawaii Concrete

This stone bench is made from a basalt boulder from our Lanihau quarry in kona. Basalt is a volcanic rock that is hard and blueish or black in color. This rock is the most common rock found in the earths crust. We mine this rock by drilling and blasting in our quarries to loosen the earth around the area. The oversized stone is then either hammered (broken down) smaller to fit in the crusher or saved for special projects. The stone used is handpicked for certain characteristics. The amount of pukas (holes) in the stone, size of those pukas (holes), shape of the stone and the shape of the pukas, density and color are some of the artist looks for. This Bench was cut out from a singe boulder and hand shaped as little as possible to keep it’s natural look. It is a one of a kind bench.

Charles Russell Art

Donated by Bill White

Painted in the mid 1890’s “The Bunch Quitter” by Charles Marion Russell was inspired by the artist’s own experience working as a cowhand in the Judith Basin area of Montana. He authentically portrays and glorifies America’s most colorful hero-idol, the cowboy. 33inchW X 21inchH

Patrick Ching – “Hidden Valley”

“Hidden Valley” is an image conjured up by artist Patrick Ching from his many experiences in similar native rainforest settings. The brilliantly colored ‘I‘iwi perches beside a Lehua blossom of the native ‘Õhi’a tree. The ’I’iwi is one of the more than 50 species of Hawaiian Honeycreeper believed to have evolved from a common ancestral species that colonized the islands millions of years ago. In the distance, white tailed tropicbirds circle before a cascading waterfall, which sends a faint rainbow dancing in its mist. Patrick Ching, a native of Hawaii born in 1962, is a world-class nature artist whose work is recognized for its meticulous detail. Ching worked for many years as a wildlife ranger in remote areas of Hawaii for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Gicle’es are the finest quality reproductions available. Gicle’e is a French word (pronounced jee-cley) meaning “fine spray”. They are made one by one, using a highly specialized digital printer and the highest quality archival inks. Literally millions of tiny, airbrushed dots are sprayed directly onto a canvas or paper surface. The gicle’e is then varnished with a durable protective coating. Some of the Gicle’es are then hand-detailed by the artist making them especially valuable.

Guided Hunt – Palani Ranch

Donated by Palani Ranch

One hunter, one guest. Good for one year, expires November 2023.

Guided Deer Hunt on Maui

Donated by Ken & Morag Miranda

4 hunters.

Parker Ranch Historical Tour

Donated by Parker Ranch

A personalized tour of the 175 year old Parker Ranch nestled on the slopes of Mauna Kea.

This tour with local historian and author, Dr. Billy Bergin, along with Livestock Manager, Keoki Wood, will take you through the legacy and operations of this historical ranch. Your tour will include stops at Pu’u Opelu, the home of Richard Smart, Mana Hale, the original koa home of John Palmer Parker, a drive through the core ranch lands of Mana division, and a refreshing lunch at Makahalau station.

This is the perfect holiday gift for kama’aina and visitors alike!

Bring a light jacket or sweater as the weather can change quickly along the windswept pastures.

Beef Box

Donated by Woody Childs


Raise the Paddle